April 29, 2017

The Zoology Decision: Finding Zoology Colleges for You

Zoology is a branch of biology, specifically the scientific study of the animal kingdom. This includes structure, evolution, classification, embryology, habits and the distribution of all animals, extinct and living, as well as their environments. To ensure credentials in this field, a zoology degree will be needed. That will require attending one of the accredited zoology colleges or universities and getting the appropriate degree in that field of study.

A zoology major will need to complete undergraduate and graduate studies. After which, doctoral studies have to be undertaken. It is a focused, single minded itinerary. Zoology courses will pin point and scrutinize the study of animal behavior and everything that affects this, leading to work as a research scientist or teacher in the field. A potential student needs to be keenly aware that this is what they want to do with their lives.

The zoologist colleges with specific programs will prepare an individual in the unifying philosophies of biology and give them plenty of opportunity for hands on research. There will be the study of inheritance, structure, development, cellular biology, populations. They provide an extraordinary opportunity for laboratory experiences and intense examination of fact and theory. When the time approaches, maximize the possibilities by looking for the best zoology college.


If the decision has been made, there is a number of exciting zoology careers that can be pursued. A few major choices are:

  • Zookeeper: Responsible for the daily care and feeding of habitants. May also have an involvement in scientific research and public education, conducting tours and supplying information for visitors.
  • Animal and Wildlife Educator: Instructing and disseminating material in the field of animals, anything related to wildlife and conservation. This can be done for zoos, aquariums, parks and museums, as well as universities or in private practice.
  • Zoo Curator: Responsible for the acquisition of animals. Breeding programs, trade among other zoos, collection from the wild. The curator is the liaison for these transactions.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator: Care for ill, injured or orphaned wild animals with the intent of release back to the wild.
  • Animal Behavorist: Training of other zoologists and zoo employees in interacting with and care for animals.

Zoology Colleges

High School

Zoology CollegesThe best avenue for the field of zoology study is to excel in the sciences, specifically in high school. This includes challenging curriculum involving mathematics and science. This will definitely develop preparation for the college level courses. These will also lead to preparation for state level tests. Exemplary scores here will impress the admissions board at any college, zoology or not.


The choice of a college can be one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life. Be sure when investigating to look for colleges and universities that promise not just the best, but the most interesting, concentrated courses in the field. Animal related degree programs may be required or suggested. They can include botany, microbiology, organic and inorganic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, zoology, anthropology, physics and genetics. A zoology college guide will be extremely helpful. Grab any and all available and do compare them. Examining zoology colleges can be an interesting and fun process. Visit as many as possible, even if it’s just on their website.

Here is a list of top zoologist colleges. Use them to build a search.

  1. Miami University, Oxford
  2. University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus
  3. Michigan State University
  4. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  5. Ohio State University, Columbus
  6. North Carolina State University at Raleigh
  7. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  8. University of Rhode Island
  9. Ohio University, Athens
  10. University of Florida

Each has a highly recommended program for zoology.

Graduate School

Like most advanced sciences, zoology graduate programs are a prerequisite to the higher, much regarded positions. A degree or Ph.D. in the zoology field of choice, or a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, is a must.

Outside College

Zoology Colleges OnlineIt will be imperative to have experience, paid or voluntary, in animal oriented environments. This should begin as early as possible, even high school. Zoology colleges appreciate personal experience. It can be influential if one decides to attend zoology college. Find animal hospitals, zoos and aquariums, animal shelters, stables and farms for horses or other animal related facilities in the area. These places are constantly in need of help, so volunteer and prepare to get dirty. A zoologist advise will only be helpful in gearing up for the future.

The Zoology Colleges Life

Colleges and universities usually have dedicated faculty and programs that are accessible to candidates. They may carry an event or workshop that offers glimpses into the curriculum and campus life. Be ready to complete general requirements, which can vary depending on the college. There may even be an opportunity to take off campus courses at approved sites. If it’s at all possible, sit in on related science classes at the closest university that has a zoology program. They will be happy to accommodate an interested student.

Zoology has many, many sub-fields. They can focus on specific animals, or a type of science involving ethology, systematic, physiological or structural study. Be sure to carefully look at the many degrees, programs and benefits offered at the colleges that have zoology programs. Create the better chance of locating the promising ones while increasing the possibility of finding the match that’s perfect.

If it’s the future wanted, attending a zoology college will be the first step.